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The most complete Canada Post shipping solution is now available for Magento

Canada Post V2 by

Collins Harper is pleased to announce we have upgraded and released a new Canada Post shipping module!

The most complete Canada Post shipping solution currently available for your Magento store, the Collins Harper Canada Post 2.0 Shipping Module is built on Canada Post’s newest Web Services API (2012) to provide a completely streamlined shipping solution for the Magento merchant.

Our latest shipping module includes a host of new features accessible directly from Magento, including:

  • Retrieve Live Shipping Quotes from Canada Post
  • Create Shipments with Canada Post.
  • Print Shipping Labels.
  • Create and Send Return Labels to Customers.
  • Create and Print Manifests (for Canada Post Commercial customers).
  • Allow merchants to require signature for specific packages, or require insurance coverage for valuable packages.
  • Allow customers to have parcels delivered directly to a Post Office in Canada.
  • Allow customers to select advanced delivery options (Leave at Door, Card For pickup, Do Not Safe Drop, etc.)
  • Integration with Google Maps to view nearest post office.
  • Fully bilingual
  • Auto-generate and Print Customs Documents for US and International Shipments (requires appropriate product configuration)

Having efficient tools to manage customer shipments can spell the difference between losing or retaining a customer. The Canada Post V2 Magento module helps translate your efforts into customer delight, enhancing your brand value. With the feature-packed latest version, Canada Post V2 is the smart choice to make. Watch our online demo here.


Is Your Business Missing Out on Mobile Sales?

recent study from Briteskies shows that only 17 percent of small-to-medium revenue e-commerce businesses have a dedicated site for mobile devices.  This fact was more than a little surprising, as countless previous studies have shown that a poor user experience on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, increase bounce rates and reduce conversions and return visits.

The Briteskies study, which was released at the 2012 Imagine eCommerce Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, surveyed 75 speciality retailers and found that less than 20 of them had any coherent strategy or provision for mobile devices. In a related survey, Mediarun found that the bounce rate for mobile devices was 40 percent, a 10 percent increase on equivalent desktop bounce rates. That adds up to almost 6 percent of mobile sales being lost before customers even start to interact with a site because of a poor first impression.
Is Your Business Missing Out on Mobile Sales?

Furthermore, 60 percent of customers surveyed said that they would not return to a site  after a poor initial mobile experience. Think about that — of the potential customers who have a poor initial experience of your site on a mobile device, well over half of them will not return to your business either on a mobile device or on the desktop, and 40 percent of them say they will go to a competitor.

This is not something e-commerce businesses can afford to bury their heads in the sand about. The market penetration of mobile devices like the iPad is huge and is only going to increase in coming years. To say we are in the post-PC age might be to overstate the situation, but there is no doubt that consumers want to shop while they are on the move or sitting on the sofa in front of the TV with an iPad in hand.

Luckily for Magento users, the new Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community 1.7 releases bring with them a raft of new and improved features to make getting your e-commerce platform up and running for mobile devices easier. A significantly improved customizable HTML5 theme offers a multitude of mobile specific tweaks,  including gesture-based controls and image scaling. Customers will be able to swipe through product image galleries and drag-and-drop products from listings into the shopping cart. This release also improves support for device specific audio and video capabilities, so retailers can better target their content and be sure it is going to appear as they intend. Magento’s mobile theme supports all the major mobile browsers, including iPhone, Android, and Opera.

What is your business doing to serve its mobile customers? Let us know in the comments below.

7 common Magento SEO mistakes

When dealing with Magento store’s SEO, these are the 7 most common basic mistakes I encounter. Some of these are inherited from the development stage of your projects. I hope this checklist will be useful for anyone launching a new store or checking their live site:

1. Homepage title “home”

If I had a dollar for every Magento store out there I’ve seen with a homepage title “home” I’d be a rich man. The homepage is usually a CMS page. Go in there and change the title of the page into something more suitable such as “Blue Widgets Online Store –”.

2. Using “default description” field

System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head > Default description – Leave this blank or you’ll have such a mess of duplicate descriptions on your store that don’t really describe the given URL that it will be unbelievable. Also, please make sure your meta keywords are not “magento, magento commerce” etc.

3. Not turning on rel=canonical

Save yourself from lots of duplicate content issues. Turn canonicals on for both products and categories.

4. Logo title and/or alt “Magento Commerce”

Logo, usually in the top left of your website. Don’t have it say “Magento Commerce”. I’ve seen that a lot of times.

5. Forgetting to turn meta robots to “index, follow” and remove robots.txt disallow after a move from staging/dev site to the live site

System > Configuration > General > Design > HTML Head > Default robots “INDEX, FOLLOW”.

Sometimes people leave this as noindex, nofollow on dev server and forget to change it when they migrate to the live server.

6. Having a default layered navigation

Layered navigation is a hell for the SEO. For more detailed explanation on this issue, read my guide onhow to handle Magento layered navigation SEO issues.

7. Building a sitemap with sample products and sample categories

I’ve seen this one as well. Check what’s in your sitemap.xml before you submit it to Google. No sample products please! :)


Can you name a common Magento SEO mistake number 8?


Article via Inchoo

10 Reasons Why Magento is a Better eCommerce Software?

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform which offers long range of features to the users. Today every merchant wants to migrate his/her online store to Magento. Magento offers many options along with one page checkout.

10 resons why Magento is a better ecommerce software?


There are many ecommerce platforms which are FREE such as OS Commerce, Zen Cart, Prestashop, Opencart, Ubercart, VirtueMart, Batavi. However Magento is the best option in today’s time which provides you Good Website Design alongwith the feature of SEO Friendliness.

2. Multi Store Capability

Magento offers Multi Store Capability i.e. it allows you to run more than one store. So even if you currently have 2, 5 or 20 stores, they can be managed from the same admin panel. So in this way you can manage orders and customers at one place without switching to any other website. This makes it easier for you to manage things easily. This is one the major reason for choosing Magento over other ecommerce softwares.

3. SEO Friendliness
Search engine friendliness is Magento’s core feature. This feature of Magento allows you various option such as SEO friendly Rewrites, auto generated sitemaps (both HTML & XML). These options help in getting good search engine rankings and improve website visibility.

4. Guest Check Out
With Magento, you will get guest checkout alternative. In this alternative, you can apart yourself from the crowd. In many online stores, the customer must sign before buying, but this method can save time and also help in retaining customers who may not like to register at first. This feature also improves conversion rates.

5. Integrated sales and store tracking 
Magento gives an option of Integrated sales and store tracking. You can manage all your sales & customers from single page which result in saving of time.

6. No limits on number of product or purchases 
There is no limit as far as number of products are concerned. You can upload “N” number of products.

7. Catalog
The Catalog is excellent and have facilities which none other shopping cart has in the market.

8. Product Categorization
Magento has features which enables to hold 1000s of product categorized by there classes and categories without making the shopping cart slow.

9. Payment Gateway Integration 
Magento gives easy integration of payment gateways.

10. Integrated Google analytics 
Magento offers Google analytics integration

If you are interested in looking further into Magento, feel free to contact us!

Top FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

We have come up with FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions which are very useful for your Magento Store.

Following are the FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions for you:

1. Magento Blog Extension

This Blog Extension for Magento will provide your regular customers with up-to-date information and will help in bringing additional visitors to your site, builds relevant SEO-friendly text links, and serves as assistance in building sales strategy.

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

Extension by:

2. Facebook Connect Magento Extension

Facebook Connect Magento extension helps your customers to register in just one click and login with their Facebook account. New users can automatically registers and existing ones can automatically login.
This Facebook Connect Magento extension is compatible with latest Magento CE 1.6 along with older 1.5, 1.4 and 1.3.2.x versions.

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions
Extension by:

3. Magento Live Chat

With LiveChat Magento extension, you can implement Live Chat on your online store in a few minutes. Live Chat is very important for any ecommerce store. This can help you in increasing conversion rate.
Now monitor your website visitors, talk to them in real-time and provide better support.

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

Extension by:

4. Fooman Google Analytics Magento Extension

This extension helps you in configuring Google Analytics account with your online store. It tracks each individual pages of your website and also tracks the keywords that your visitors typed to access your website.

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions
Extension By:

5. Canonical URL’s for Magento

Canonical URL’s are the search engine friendly URLs that you want the search engines to treat as authoritative. This Magento extension adds the new canonical links to the head of your Magento pages. This version is compatible with Magento 1.4 only.

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

Extension by:

6. Tell A Friend Magento Extension:

Tell a friend module is used to tell a friend about the site.

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

Extension By:

7. Magento-WordPress Integration Extension

Now integrate wordpress with Magento. You can easily add your wordpress Blog with Magento  Store.

Compatible with: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

Extension By:

8. Zizio Social Deals

Launch your social deals, campaigns and successfully promote and close them, using social networks.

Compatible with: 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

Extension By:

9. GooglePlus Extension for Magento

This Magento extension adds Google +1 (Google Plus One) support to your Magento store. This Google-feature (similar like “Facebook Like” feature) can be added to all your Magento catalog-pages.

Download Magento Extensions3 Download FREE Magento 1.6 Extensions

Extension by:

Comment below with what type of extension you’d like to see!

New Cybersource Tokenization payment module for Magento!

Cybersource Tokenization Magento Payment Module

A new release of the Magento Cybersource Tokenization Payment Module addresses two important priorities for merchants – a wider customer base and secure transactions. We provide merchants with a number of Magento extensions that help them better manage their online business and greater ability to effectively reach a wider customer base. As always, we strive to develop modules that improve the consumer experience and help increase conversion rates for merchants. This new release also includes features that make it easier for consumers to shop with ease!

Security breaches are on the rise but you can avoid becoming a statistic by removing payment data from your environment using CyberSource’s hosted payment acceptance and payment tokenization services. Eliminating payment data from your network is the only way to ensure that your customer’s sensitive personal information isn’t compromised during a security breach.

How It Works

To make a purchase on your website, the customer will enter their payment card information into the designated payment fields on the order page. These payment fields will be hosted by CyberSource using Hosted Payment Acceptance. When the customer hits the ‘submit’ button, the data is immediately encrypted and transmitted directly to CyberSource for storing, processing, and token generation. The payment data never enters your environment. With Tokenization, a signed in user will be able to select their stored credit card as an option.

Cybersource Tokenization - Stored Credit Card

This extension is available via our website. If you need more information about the Cybersource Tokenization integration for Magento don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.


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