Setting up Magento to support dual currency (CAD & US)

Magento gives you the ability to customize your store for currencies that are used in more than two hundred countries around the world.

The base currency is used for all online payment transactions. Scope is defined by the catalog price scope.

Step 1: Creating websites

– Go to System > Manage Stores > Create Website
– Set Name (lets use US Website as an example), Code (ussite, for example) and Sort Order (optional) > Save
– Go to System > Manage Stores > Create Store
– Use Website “US Website” (created above), Name “usstore” and Root Category “Root Catalog”
– Go to System > Manage Stores > Create Store View
– Use Store “usstore”, Name “US English Store View”, Code “usstoreview” and Status “Enabled”

– Go to System > Configuration and under General select Web. Set Add Store Code to Urls to Yes

Step 2: Assign products to both websites

– Go to Catalog > Manage Products
– Select all (or whichever products needed for both sites) > Actions: Update Attributes and Submit
– Click on the Websites tab and check off both websites:
– Go to System > Index Management > Select all and Reindex (may take a long time)
– Go to System > Configuration
– Ensure the Current Configuration Scope is set to Default Config
– Go to Catalog > Price > Catalog Price Scope – click the dropdown and set to Website > Save Config
– Reindex (takes a while)

Step 3: Setting up dual currencies

– Go back to System > Configuration, ensure you are under the same Default Config configuration scope.
– Under General, select Currency Setup

– Using Shift + Click, select CAD and USD under Allowed Currencies > Save Config

Note: If you do not want the customer to control the currency, only select the one currency you’d like to use.
– Switch Current Configuration Scope to Main Website
– For Base Currency and Default Display Currency, uncheck Use Default and select Canadian Dollar in the drop down
– The allowed currencies change is optional (Default is now 2 allowed currencies – CAD and USD), Save Config
Switch Current Configuration Scope to US website (This step is to double check that the Base Currency is set to USD, Default Display Currency is set to USD and Allowed Currencies to USD and CAD)
– Go to System > Manage Currency > Rates

– Select Import (or set them manually) > Save Currency Rates


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One response to “Setting up Magento to support dual currency (CAD & US)”

  1. Susan McLoughlin says :

    I wonder if you can help me. Under our clunky old website we have both US & CA currencies. If the purchase is in US $ it goes to our InternetSecure US acct. and to our IS CA acct. if CA $ selected. We do not use exchange rates at all but display a single price for both. It works like a charm. Can I do this in MAGNETO?
    Thanks for your help. Susan McLoughlin

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