New extension: Slideshow module for Magento

JS Promo Slider Magento Extension

Good things come to those who wait… The Magento JS Promo Slider module is available for download

JS Promo Slider Magento Extension

JS Promo Slider Magento extension

We have been hard at work creating a nice little Magneto extension that is sure to brighten up even the most boring website.

This little Magento gem allows you to scroll or slide your images across the screen in a sleek fashion!

The JS Promo Slider module, makes use of Javascript to bring you an image slider that was previously only possible using Flash.

This lightweight module also comes with a host of easy to configure options to allow you to really customize the functionality and behaviour of the slider.

Want to see it in action?

We have set up a slideshow demo for you to check the module out in all its glory, so have a look at the demo website and leave a comment here about your thoughts!

Modules features include:

  • Out of box install
  • Options to customize the behaviour
  • Add links to your slides
  • Allows for mulitple sliders to be used on the same page
  • Fully compatible with IE7, Safari 2, Firefox 1.5+ (mac +win), Opera
JS Promo Slider Magento Extension

Good things come to those who wait… The JS Promo Slider module will be available for download for only $50.00!


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