Collins Harper Spotlight: ClassWatch

ClassWatch is an online watch customization store that allows you to personalize name brand watches with officially licensed university or college logos. ClassWatch is an authorized retailer of top brand names including Tissot, Tommy Hilfiger, Citizen, Lacoste, and Seiko, just to name a few.

They offer extensive customization that many of their competitors do not provide. This includes adding initials, graduation year and degree on the face with your choice of position, size and color for each option. Not only that, but you can also add an engraved message on the back of the watch – a great feature especially if you want to give the watch as a gift. Besides that, you can request for a gift letter that they will customize for you to fit your occasion.

Customization can be done with just 3 simple steps – all you have to do is select your school, choose the watch that you want and personalize it. ClassWatch also offers watch personalization for high school, greek associations/communities as well as corporate clients.

The web interface of their online store platform is extremely user-friendly, neat and easy to navigate. Originally, ClassWatch used a flash banner on their homepage. This presented 2 issues: flash banners aren’t visible on Apple devices and are typically slower to load. Many of them make use of XML files that are difficult for novice users to maintain. Our solution was to implement a java script banner which improved their load time by 5 seconds.

Another issue we worked on was synchronizing the Magento database with the Quickbase database. Quickbase is a dynamic tool for creating databases and it provides an easy way to generate sophisticated reports. Previously, orders were manually entered from Magento to Quickbase. Now, we’ve written code to inject them for a significant time savings, reducing workload on the admin staff.

The real prize was integrating with the follow up email module from aheadWorks. As watches are moved through the production cycle, the state of the order is changed in Quickbase. Our module retrieves that state change which triggers an email that gets sent to the customer that informs them of which stage their order is in.

This is significant be cause a typical order from ClassWatch could take 6 weeks, but this entire stystem has provided the customer with better information about the state of their order and thereby reduceds customer follow up fone calls which again saves admin resources.

If you want to know about Classwatch, you can find them on Twitter @ClassWatch and on Facebook.


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