Custom Magento Development: Risks and Costs

While we sell several Magento extensions on our site, the majority of our work is done building custom Magento solutions. It has been through the countless projects that we’ve undertaken that we’ve developed a unique approach to project management that is designed to address two main issues: Risk and Cost

Most custom projects have inherent risk factors associated with it. As an individual looking for custom development, you are likely well aware of some of these risk factors:

  • What if the developer I choose doesn’t complete the project?
  • What do I do if I have a dispute with my developer?
  • What happens if there are major cost overruns?
  • What happens if my developer starts working for the competition?

Similarly, as a developer, we must manage such risk factors as:

  • What if the client continues to add new features to the project? Scope Creep!
  • What if the project becomes too complex and the initial agreement doesn’t cover our costs?
  • What if the client doesn’t pay on time or at all!

These uncomfortable issues are often not discussed openly, however, particularly in the case of larger projects, we believe these issues need to be one of the FIRST things discussed.

Our approach to project management deals with many of these head on by ensuring that each project is broken down into smaller projects or milestones such that each of the risk factors above are greatly minimized.

For example, if your require a completely new Magneto site with several enhancements specific to your business, it might be that your project costs will exceed $10,000. Many developers will require a 50% deposit before they begin work, however once that payment is made, you have little recourse if, for whatever reason, the project encounters difficulties. What’s more, you might be forced to enduring massive schedule slippage because you feel stuck with your current developer.

In almost all our projects, individual milestones rarely exceed $1,000. So in the example above, your sizable $10,000 project becomes ten or more smaller projects which both reduces your financial risk as well as reduce the amount of time before expected results. The result is increase confidence that your money is delivering results so you can worry about your core business and not the status of your web development.

In almost every single project we undertake, by the end of the project, the scope changes. Sometimes significantly! Once again, our approach mitigates complications in the agreements between project partners. It might be we encounter unforeseen difficulties that make a particular project milestone difficult or costly. As a result we’ll suggest alternatives to save money, or reduce complexity. This change in effort can be easily managed as the project matures, costs can be discussed, agreed to and paid as development proceeds. Sometimes, the client discovers new requirements that were not previously discussed. These must have features are simply added to the project task list once a price is agreed to.

So regardless of who you choose for your developer, ask about these issues as part of your vetting process and when you’re ready, contact Collins Harper to request a quote.


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Custom Magento Development is the blog of Collins Harper, a Vancouver based development firm completely dedicated to eCommerce development for the Magento platform. It is our extreme focus on Magento development that gives us an uncommon ability to deliver challenging requirements for our clients’ projects. It doesn’t matter if you require a custom module, or a complete eCommerce solution, our highly skilled team will make your project happen. For up-to-date information, upgrades, bug fixes and our newest modules, find us on Facebook and Twitter!

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