Magento Shipping Solutions with Canada Post!

Magento Shipping Solutions with Canada Post!

This Canada Post Shipping Module is one of the most sophisticated online shipping services available today. Popular on Magento Connect, this extension uses your product’s weight and dimensions to calculate the most accurate rates possible using Canada Post’s unique features.

A Canada Post account records information such as the warehouse postal code, handling charges, pick-up times, fulfillment times, delivery options, and box sizes. Using their Sell Online account, you will be able to enter the types of boxes used for packaging. Magento and CanadaPost use this information to determine the appropriate box size for a customer’s order, as well as calculate the specific delivery costs. Using Canada Post’s Shipping module, as integrated with Magento, you can present accurate shipping costs for any delivery point in Canada, USA, and worldwide.

Packing and Cost Optimization

The Right Fit for Your Business

The Canada Post shipping module is the first online shipping solution that maximizes packing efficiency.

Efficient packaging Horizontal box


For your customers

  • Predictability: specific delivery dates
  • Costs: shipping fees based on weight and distance – not flat rates
  • Security: increases confidence through Canada Post delivery
  • Satisfaction: full return service
  • Control: choice of shipping options that best suit their needs and budget

For your business

  • Ease-of-Use: unique integrated software maximizes shipping efficiency
  • Productivity: eliminates the need to measure and weigh parcels
  • Support: offers packaging guidelines for shipping

This best seller has been tested on the latest Magento version and is compatible with all other versions. We also offer a Professional version; with more features, installation is a breeze! If you need more information about the Canada Post shipping module don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.


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12 responses to “Magento Shipping Solutions with Canada Post!”

  1. TeaBrews says :

    Is this module just to calculate cost, or does it also send the order details to Canada Post?

  2. Guojian Huang says :

    Hi, I have online ecommerce store with Magento, for shipping part it is difficult for me to set up shipping method with Canada Post, would you please to tell me how to set up? Thanks in advance.

  3. Ian says :

    Does this only work for calculating the shipping cost of a single product? We are shipping tshirts, so the cost of shipping a single product is $6.53 and the cost of shipping 3 comes out to $19.59 (3*$6.53). I know the setup on the CPC side is correct because our Shopify store is determining the right price for 3 items ($6.53, not $19.59). Any ideas?

  4. Lori Mellott says :


    I’m attempting to use this module with my online store, however, the resulting values are much higher than that of Canada Post’s online shipping centre. I’m thinking I may be going wrong with what I am entering in the “Shipping Methods” tab, specifically, Fail Over Rate Cost, Weight Threshold, and the default dimensions. Could you explain a bit more what these fields refer to?

    Thank you.

    • Custom Magento Development says :

      Hi Lori,

      If Magento’s response results in an error or is empty or can’t find a postal code, it will use the fail over rate value. This means If it is unable to retrieve a rate, it will substitute it with the fail over rate cost. Most customers set it to $15 to $20 – whatever your average shipment is.

      The weight threshold serves as a middle weight value between products. Meaning if a product does not have the weight specified and falls below the weight threshold, the default length width and height (low) will be assigned to it. If a product with no weight specified falls over the weight threshold, the default length width and height (high) will be assigned to it.

      Default dimensions are used when the product purchase does not have dimensions specified.

      Let us know if you need any more help, thanks for reading our blog!

      Collins Harper

      • Matt Godwin says :

        How can a product with no weight specified fall over a weight threshold? There is no weight!

        “Default dimensions are used when the product purchase does not have dimensions specified.”

        This tells me that you can define product dimensions in Magento? How do you do this?

    • davisds2h says :

      I had a reoccuring error with the module.
      My problem and potentially yours was the weight unit. The original website developers entered weights using grams as the unit whereas canada post calculates rates based on kg. In our case, we were exceeding the Canada Post weight limit.

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