Provide another level of security with Beanstream Tokenization

Beanstream Tokenization payment module for Magento

Want to keep your customers on site without the risks associated with storing credit card data? The Beanstream Tokenization payment module is the solution!

The Beanstream Tokenization payment module lets merchants create secure payment accounts for their customers. Because everything is secured at Beanstream, merchants can minimize the need for repeat data entry the next time a customer shops at their store.

This module is 100% PCI compliant – PCI compliance being a security standard to help merchants protect credit card data, both online and offline, for all types of credit cards. PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) helps protect consumers against identity theft as well as credit card data theft. Each step taken toward PCI compliance provides another level of security.

Limit your online credit card processing risk while providing a great payment experience for your clients. Customers can add multiple cards, delete cards and reuse the same card with confidence. This module requires ioncube.


  • Serve your valued clients

Did you know repeat shoppers also tend to make larger dollar purchases? Treat your most valuable clients to an optimal payment experience – don’t burden them with duplicate data entry.

  • Simplify PCI – keep customers on site

It’s the big e-store debate – struggle with PCI certification or host payment pages offsite. The Beanstream Tokenization payment module solves the issue. You’ll be up and running faster and with the solution you need.

  • Streamline manual processing

Need to process email or phone orders? The Beanstream Tokenization payment module makes it easy. Create an account once. No need to re-enter card data for repeat orders.

How Tokenization Works
With Beanstream Tokenization, customers can create their stored cards in the checkout process while running through a standard checkout. Customers can also add cards in the manage stored cards account area.

If you need more information about the Beanstream Tokenization integration don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

This module supports VBV 3DS Tokenization.


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